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The ONLY blankets that have hand & feet pockets to warm your extremities

warm & cozy from your fingers to your toes💤

Toddlers Feel Cuddly Instantly!

warm & cozy from your fingers to your toes💤

No More Cold Fingers & Toes!

Our exclusive hand and feet pockets will warm you up in no time.

Our patent-pending hand pockets with finger and thumb openings let you hold onto almost anything while staying warm.

But our Cozy💤 line isn't just practical – it has a special quality that will soothe your nervous system and help you relax. Whether you're winding down after a long day or trying to get your little one to settle down for a nap, our exclusive blankets will soothe & comfort - REELAXING

Experience the ultimate in warmth, comfort, and relaxation with our Cozy💤 blankets.

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How do the CozyThrow💤 and CozyCo💤 work?


The first throw blanket designed to settle your nervous system

Our Cozy💤 products wrap you up in complete warmth. Our hand & feet pockets warm your extremities fast & completely. With infinite ways to adjust to your perfect temperature, even those with a very narrow temperature range feel just right all the time.