Holland, CEO Appearances

Liz Holland, CEO shares her vision for Sensory Product Design and her personal journey from international award winning designer for the Tennis Industry to how her diagnosis of SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder, and her creation of Sensory Product Design to help ALL people connect with their nervous systems. She urges everyone (with a nervous system) to listen to it, because this is the place that we can truly understand our full body, mind, emotions to ultimately live a better life!

Invest in Yourself Podcast

Phil speaks with Liz about vision for my company Sensory Product Design , and our flagship Cozy💤 line. Discover future plans for creating solutions to sensory processing challenges and promoting awareness regarding the nervous system.

Transforming 45 Podcast

Lisa & Liz, have a deep conversation about overcoming challenges and finding success as an entrepreneur. We share the journey of learning about SPD (sensory processing disorder) and how I turned those experiences into a thriving business that helps others.

Healing through Love Podcast

2024 episode EP87 Rose and Liz dive into real talk about "graduating" from Trauma, and finding "gifts" behind the trauma & diagnosis(es). Neuro-divergence (or ANY difference) is not welcome in abusive environments, so ultimately how LOVE and LISTENING to your nervous system can guides the way!

Entrepreneur Moms Podcast

Karla and Liz discuss the long and winding road of entrepreneurialism, especially as women and more so as Moms! While the outside world is constantly underestimating us, we know that motherhood is the perfect training ground for running a business!

Negotiations with Alice Podcast

Alice shares with Liz negotiation techniques for working with sub-contractors. Especially as a ONE-Woman Entrepreneur, have clear expectations and communication is key to every business relationship.

Tami Talks Trauma Podcast

Tami & Liz talk about overcoming childhood trauma and discovering dyslexia, ADD and sensory processing disorder. The culmination of all these lead to launching Sensory Product Design. We spoke about the importance of graduating from trauma in order not to repeat it.

The Hats We Wear Podcast

Beth & Liz share about the whole journey of being the CEO of Sensory Product Design and how any entrepreneurial's journey of wearing every single HAT!

Interview with Angella Wynn

Angella & Liz get real about Sensory Processing Disorder and how Liz's diagnosis became her launch pad for her Life's Work!

Ash Said It Podcast

Whether you experience sensory issues or just want to be super cozy, these Cozy💤 blankets are made to keep you at the perfect temperature at every moment!

When Women Inspire

In this in depth article, CEO Liz Holland is interviewed by Christy Birmingham-Reyes about raising awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder. Through her journey she sees how her products are really great for anyone with a nervous system!

Art of the Kickstart Podcast

Liz speaks with Eventys President, Roy More John about the WHOLE journey of creating a successful crowdsourcing campaign.