Holland, CEO Appearances

Liz Holland, CEO shares her vision for Sensory Product Design and her personal journey from international award winning designer for the Tennis Industry to how her diagnosis of SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder, and her creation of Sensory Product Design to help ALL people connect with their nervous systems. She urges everyone (with a nervous system) to listen to it, because this is the place that we can truly understand our full body, mind, emotions to ultimately live a better life!

The Momentum Shift

My personal journey as CEO and my own experience with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) sparked the creation of this business. As a lifelong inventor and a five-time award-winning Product Designer, I have faced numerous challenges due to my condition. I constantly felt the need to design my life around pain and serious dyslexia. However, with the discovery of SPD, everything changed. Sensory Product Design is on an ongoing mission to develop a wide range of products that truly help people soothe their nervous systems.

Invest in Yourself Podcast

Liz Holland inherited the entrepreneurial gene from her inventor father, who held over 100 patents. As a young woman, she observed her father's work and learned about engineering and automatic warehousing systems. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was only 20, leaving her to navigate the professional world on her own. Frustrated with the leadership of other companies, Liz decided to take matters into her own hands and became a successful CEO herself. Her determination and inherited genes have led her to create a name for herself in the business world.

Harmonious at Lunch

Join host Brandon Gano and special guest Liz Holland, CEO of Sensory Product Design, for a captivating discussion on innovative strategies for business success. Today's focus? Calming anxiety with a disruptive product that's changing the game in understanding our nervous system. Discover how Liz's personal experience with sensory processing disorder inspired her to create a product that goes beyond conventional blankets. With hand and feet pockets, this blanket provides instant comfort and relaxation, addressing a universal need for warmth and tranquility.

Adult Child of Dysfunction

As the visionary behind Sensory Product Design and the groundbreaking Cozy💤 line, Liz candidly shares the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial journey. Having poured everything into her business, she reflects on recent challenges and the familiar struggle against old demons. We gain insights into the relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, discovering the strength needed to face new hurdles and graduate to a whole new level of self-discovery.

Transforming 45 Podcast

In this episode of Transforming 45, we're joined by Liz Holland, who shares her inspiring story of overcoming challenges and finding success as an entrepreneur. Liz opens up about her childhood struggles with sensory processing disorder and how she turned those experiences into a thriving business that helps others like her. She talks about the impact of sensory issues and menopause on her nervous system, emphasizing the importance of self-care and understanding.

Healing through Love Podcast

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Liz Holland, CEO, and lifelong expert in Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). A six-time international award-winning product designer and entrepreneur, Liz has dedicated her life to finding innovative solutions to everyday problems, driven by her personal experiences with SPD. She transformed her diagnoses into a company that addresses diverse challenges, including anxiety, social stress, and circulation issues, through her flagship Cozy💤 product line, featuring the CozyThrow💤 & CozyCo💤 blankets.

Entrepreneur Moms Podcast

In this episode of the Entrepreneur Moms Podcast, we dive into the transformative world of sensory solutions with mompreneur Liz Holland, the visionary behind the Cozy Product line @lovecozyzzz Join us as Liz shares her journey of innovation, crafting products designed to provide comfort and support for individuals diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Wine After Work

Discover the groundbreaking Cozy💤 line crafted by Liz, which includes the revolutionary CozyThrow💤 and CozyCo💤 blankets thatt are designed to provide comfort and support for individuals coping with anxiety, social stress, circulation issues, SPD, or simply seeking a snug reading experience. Notably, Liz's blankets address a critical need by offering a unique feature - pockets for hands and feet, ensuring that extremities remain warm and cozy. While various products exist to provide warmth, none have successfully combined practical warmth with a calming effect on the nervous system, until now.

Tami Talks Trauma Podcast

Liz Holland shares her journey of overcoming childhood trauma and discovering her dyslexia. She discusses how her sensory processing disorder affects her daily life and how she created Sensory Product Design to address the needs of individuals with sensory issues. Liz emphasizes the power of positive thinking and the importance of graduating from trauma. She also shares techniques for untangling trauma and managing sensory triggers.

Negotiations with Alice Podcast

CEO and founder of Cozyzzz, Liz Holland, asks how to best negotiate with contractors in order to maintain a good working relationship with them. We're on a mission to help ALL people start to first, notice their nervous system. Second to realize that when they are amped, they have a choice and tools that can bring them back to center! We believe that this simple thing could be a global shift!

The Hats We Wear Podcast

Liz shares her path to the diagnosis of her sensory processing disorder and how this disorder led her to starting Sensory Product Design, a business where she designs and sells products that soothe the nervous system. She has struggled with daily headaches and has seen a myriad of doctors trying to find relief for her symptoms. As a result, she has learned what her body needs and has created products that work to calm her nervous system. One product is a throw blanket called the Cozyzzz. It is meant to swaddle and soothe you and has hand pockets with finger and thumb openings so you can stay warm but still use your hands!

The Vera Thomas Show

Join me and my guest, Liz Holland, CEO of Sensory Product Design (SPD) as she shares how she took her lifelong struggle with Sensory Processing Disorder (also SPD😉) and turned it into a company that creates unique products that help anyone with a nervous system find the ultimate feeling of safety which also settles the nervous system.

Wynning Today with Angella Wynn

Angella & Liz get real about Sensory Processing Disorder and how Liz's diagnosis became her launch pad for her Life's Work. They discuss how we all have triggers that need to be recovered from. Liz hopes that all people recognize that they have a nervous system that reacts to many many things. If we can identify this earlier, we are better equipped to stop triggers before they become debilitating

Ash Said It Podcast

Our CEO, Liz Holland, is very passionate about helping people with sensory issues and ensuring everyone is as cozy as possible. She’s available for an interview and can discuss the benefits of this patent-pending blanket and how it benefits anyone with SPD or sensory issues. Whether you experience sensory issues or just want to be super cozy, these soft, plush blankets feature innovative hand and foot-warming pockets that keep you warm and free for any and all activities.

When Women Inspire

In this in depth article, CEO Liz Holland is interviewed by Christy Birmingham-Reyes about raising awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder. Through her journey she sees how her products are really great for anyone with a nervous system! Liz dives into SPD is a complex neurological disorder that is on the Autism spectrum Each person’s triggers for any given sense combined with how that sense is triggered makes SPD difficult to diagnose and more so to treat...

Art of the Kickstart Podcast

Liz speaks with Eventys President, Roy Morejon about the WHOLE journey of creating a successful crowdsourcing campaign. In this episode of Art of the Kickstart, we spoke with Liz Holland, CEO of Sensory Product Design. Listen to learn how Liz was able to fully fund her Kickstarter campaign in just 5 days with over 150 backers. Liz describes how she launched her first 2 products and explains how she had the confidence to crowdfund.