Bring our exclusive feet and hand pockets OUTSIDE to warm your extremities ANYWHERE! Just like our CozyThrow💤 we have the hand pockets have finger & thumb opening allowing you to pick up and hold almost anything WHILE keeping you hands warm! The foot pocket has a zipper so you can use the pocket even with shoes on. The whole product can be quickly rolled up and with 2 elastic bands and handles, it's ready to STOW & GO anywhere. Our 100% waterproof exterior shell allows you to be warm and dry for those sudden showers! Keep it with you in the trunk of your car and you will be amazed how often it saves the day!

Wait! There's one more awesome feature – it doubles as the best picnic blanket ever! With our 100% waterproof exterior, no more wet bottom when you though the grass was dry enough! And the hand and feet pockets are perfect for stashing your valuables and can weigh down the corners. 

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