This innovative solution is perfect for couples that "just right" is different for each person. It securely fits to the foot of your bed and can fit all mattress depths. Tuck your feet into the plush fleece and when they are warm enough, you simply pull them out and rest them on top of the 100% cotton sheet fabric. When you make your bed, after the bottom sheet, place your CozyToes💤, which only needs to be set once for a perfect fit every time. Add your top sheet and covers, CozyToes💤 is right there anytime you need it. Does one person sleep hot and the other cold? Our two-pocket system, with the ability to tuck the extra flap under, allows each person to feel just right all the time! We find the reluctant user ends up being very happy as well, because their partners cold feet no longer wander over hoping to get warm on their legs. And, somewhere along their journey, they realize that their feet are cold too. It's so easy to just tuck them in there, even if they folder their pocket over. That extra flap of the fleece pocket allows warmth and flexibility. Whether you're reading as you get into bed or are a back sleeper, that extra flap makes you snug, but never trapped or too tight. As with our whole Cozy💤 Line, we want you to feel just right all the time!